New Facial Wash Set


Charcoal Konjac Sponge, Pore Cleansing Pad and Facial Cleansing Brush in 1 Set. Perfect as a Gift. Must-Have for Any Beauty Lover



CLEAN AWAY THE DAY’S LOOK The bristles of the face cleaning brush are soft yet firm, able to effectively scrub away any makeup gently and without transferring oils from your hands to your face

DEEP CLEANSING FOR PORES The pore cleansing pad grabs hold of the dirt inside of your pores and removes it with ease. It also serves as a pore minimizer to help stop pores from getting clogged

RESTORE YOUR SKIN’S NATURAL PH BALANCE While not only eliminating dirt and blackheads, the beauty sponge included restores the pH balance of your face and locks in the beneficial natural oils found within

GREAT GIFT FOR BEAUTY CONNOISSEURS This three piece cleanser and beauty set is a perfect gift for makeup lovers on the go thanks to its small, travel size nature

DURABLE MATERIALS Each piece in this beauty and cleansing set is built with high quality materials that are made to last

Taking care of your skin is important. It is even more so if you habitually wear makeup. Makeup, while beautiful and empowering, can also cause adverse effects on the delicate skin of your face if it is not properly removed after each wear. Your pores soak in all of that foundation and clog up, causing acne to form. With the Cleansing Pad, Brush and Charcoal Konjac Sponge Facial Set, you are getting all of the tools that you need to take care of your face, whether you are cleaning off your makeup from the day or just want to give yourself a spa treatment.

The Cleansing Pad, Brush and Beauty Sponge Facial Set is a three piece set that offers makeup lovers chance to remove their makeup the easy way and improve the overall health of their skin. This set includes a pore cleanser pad that doubles as a pore minimizer. Small, moveable, soft knobs extend from the pad and gently clean out your pores by getting much deeper inside of them than a facial cloth or makeup remover wipe can.

Before you use the pore cleanser in this Facial Set, you can first scrub away the makeup on your face with the included brush. This brush features soft, yet powerful bristles attached to a handle. Use this brush along with your makeup remover to gently brush away your makeup without ever having to fear your naturally oily hands making contact with your face.

Finally, the charcoal konjac sponge to polish off your skincare routine. This sponge naturally preserves all of the beneficial oils in your skin while detoxifying and removing any other harmful compounds. You can even help to restore your pH balance at the same time! All of this is available in a set that is easy to take along with you on your travels or to stow away without taking up any space on your vanity.

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