Electronic Face Brush


Battery Powered Face Brush with 7 Heads – Works as Power Face Wash Tool, Exfoliating Brush, Massager & More – Professional Quality Skin Care & Spa Device.



A DEEPER CLEANSER Wash your face more effectively with the powerful cleansing action of this brush

SMOOTHER, SOFTER SKIN Exfoliating brush head gently lifts away dead skin to resurface your complexion

REVEAL A HEALTHY GLOW Massager brush boosts circulation to promote youthful, more radiant skin

OH SO VERSATILE With seven brush heads in one, this power cleanser and massager truly does it all. It has two speeds of operation for customized results

PERFECT FOR TRAVEL & HOME USE Cordless design runs on two AA batteries. Measures only 5.25″ inches in length for easy packing and storage

Think that you’re getting a thorough cleanse when you wash your face with a cloth and your hands? Think again! Even the best face wash or cleanser can leave behind dirt, debris and makeup when you cleanse manually.

With the Bellesentials Electric Face Brush with 7 Heads, you can completely purify your skin to improve the effectiveness of your skin care regimen and get so many other benefits!

The Bellesentials Electric Face Brush with 7 Heads is an all in one power wash tool, exfoliating gadget and luxurious facial massager. Cordless and simple to use, the two-speed power brush allows you to treat yourself to spa quality skin care right at home. At 5.25 inches in length, the facial tool is easy to fit in a travel bag and store at home.

Included in the Bellesentials Electric Face Brush Set are seven different heads each with its own unique design and benefits:

  • The Exfoliating Head diminishes imperfections, softens and smooths
  • The Latex Soft Sponge boosts circulations to the eyes and cheeks to promote firmer skin and enhance radiance
  • The Make-Up Sponge lifts away cosmetics and debris for cleaner skin and clearer pores
  • The Rolling Massager diminishes fine lines, fights dullness and provides anti-aging skin firming benefits all over
  • Short Soft Brush is the ideal follow-up for the exfoliating head and removes any excess debris from the skin
  • Long Ultra Fine Brush deeply cleanses pores, eliminating blockages, dead skin and excess oil
  • Pumice Head allows you to use the face brush for exfoliating your elbows, feet and other rough, dry areas

Pamper your skin and promote a more beautiful, healthier complexion with the best power cleansing, exfoliating massager. Order now!



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